At Middleberg Communications, we’re dedicated to helping our clients grow and protect their business. We do this by developing a keen understanding of our clients’ products, services and people and then by creating powerful awareness and brand building communications programs that achieve real, meaningful and measurable goals. Cultivating and managing relationships with those who impact our clients target markets is at the heart of what we do. Our passion is influencing journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, speech programmers, “C” suite executives, and directly engaging consumers who are driving the conversation on social media sites, from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Pinterest, YouTube and beyond.

The old models of traditional P.R. have changed forever. Today’s communications channels have multiplied and become more complex in ways unimaginable just a few years ago, and are evolving at a rate that’s equally incredible. What sets us apart is our ability to create and execute integrated communications programs that leverage and maximize earned, owned, and paid digital media. Reaching and influencing target audiences in compelling, creative ways is what we do best, and how we can make a difference for your organization.